Friday, December 28, 2012

Emmanuel for the New Year.

I really love music, there are very few variations of music I do not find reasons to appreciate.  God has made me this way, HE has made us all in such a way, that we enjoy many different things.

Ever consider what is the GRANDEST thing we were created to enjoy?

Recently I don't feel like I have taken proper advantage of it, but I wonder if you have...

A few days ago we celebrated the coming of Jesus (Yeshuah) Christ to the earth.  He came for one purpose, to mend the damage that was done centuries ago that made it difficult for humanity and God to make the type of connections that were available in the beginning of creation.

As we approach the new year I want to remind everyone that we need to be ever mindful of the best gift we where ever given each and every day...the promise that GOD IS WITH US.